I've written a lot about grading practices over the years. You can use the grading label to review all of the posts, but here's a quick tour of the most popular links and resources.

I also recommend clicking over to my grading practices site. You can access research, useful books and web sites, find other bloggers to follow, or classroom tools. If you have something you think should be added, feel free to contact me.

Standards-Based Grading in the Classroom
By far the most popular post on my site is Standards-Based Grading: Mythbusters Edition. It's several years old now, but the ideas are still relevant as more and more teachers continue to shift their thinking on grading practices. I also recommend Walking the Talk for some of my reflection about my first year with SBG.

Have a look at my posts on proficiency scales for ideas on extending standards-based grading. The Next Frontier provides on overview of these within the context of a CCSS standard for edtech/writing.The second post shows you What Lies Beneath, in terms of organizing standard I can... statements to fit the scale. Finally, take a look at how these connect to assessment and grading in The End Is Near.

One of the biggest concerns I have seen over the years---and the conversation I have most often with teachers---has to do with number crunching. How do we put a grade on a report card? You can see some of my thinking on possible ways to assign a final grade here and here, but the method I used can be seen in my Anecdotally Speaking post.

Some of my most popular posts in this space have been about data visualization for the classroom. You can check out Data Visualization for the Classroom Part I and Part II, or visit one of  the posts that started it all: Building a Better Monster (another popular post) or Advancing the Gradebook.

I used to keep copies of tools for teachers there, but they have all been moved to my other blog. Head on over to find many different styles of gradebooks. Many have video tutorials and all of them have sample workbooks you can download and customize.