02 June 2020

June Is Busting Out All Over


This is the month when all the cray-cray comes out in a school district. People are tired and they have no more time or patience for this shit. And that's even without COVID or any stress brought on by the recent police violence and protests across the country.

It's only Tuesday, and I've already had to listen to a parent explain to me that her academically talented child deserves some smaller classes because the child will be able to contribute to society after graduation, "unlike those students with IEPs." There are registrars gone wild. And because I seem to be the only one who actively and loudly advocates for an equity lens, I have been assigned the task of putting together resources for people to learn more about engaging in anti-racist work. I don't mind the opportunity to elevate other voices, mind you, but it gets old that it always seems to be an afterthought for others. To be sure, I have no claim to leadership in this area. I am continually trying to do my own work on myself and to build a more just world, but I am not an expert. I will do my best, however, to help pull others along. I'm bracing myself for whatever Wednesday plans to bring.

In the meantime, I try to remind myself that I don't have to respond immediately to every email or phone call or text. It's okay to let things sit for an hour or overnight. Even if others think there's an emergency, the reality is that it's just school. We can fix things, if we don't get them quite right the first time. Right now, other things are more important, anyway. I am trying to fix myself. I am trying to do things to fix the system. None of it may happen as quickly as we would like, but we can strike back at these weeks that try to strike first.

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