06 June 2020

C is for...Change...Cookie...

A rainy Saturday in June means that I am going to spend the evening making cookies (I think it will be these, without the Frosty look).

But I suspect from this tweet from this day (full list here), that it is not the first time I've had a craving for mood-boosting treats:

There are 10 more days of "school" this year. They will be long and hard, and not in the more pleasant ways those particular adjectives can be used. I haven't talked to anyone who isn't exhausted...who isn't done with school (including families)...who is looking forward to summer. It's an odd combination. We all don't like what's happening now, but we also can't picture what's next and so there's no sense of anticipation that something good might be coming.

For now, cookies are going to have to fill the gap.

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