01 June 2020

And, We're Back. For Now.

After four months of blogging...and then a month off, guess what showed up in my feed this morning?

Woot-woot! The world is a literal dumpster fire right now, but at least one small thing is moving in the right direction. I will take what I can get. Just a reminder that my goal this year was to select a tweet from each day and write about it. So, okay, I've had to adjust my goal because Twitter was being a jerk for a month, but we'll keep poking along.

A quick recap of May: I passed the two-month mark of working from home, I watched 37 new-to-me movies, I spent time with various individual friends while distantly socializing, I deep-cleaned most of my house and had the windows professionally cleaned (on the outside), I planted a garden, I took a lot of walks in the sun, I made some new recipes, I supported local charities and causes, and I lost a lot of sleep over the continuing oppression and horrifying abuse (and murder) of Black people by police while redoubling my commitment to becoming more actively anti-racist.

I'll bet you've been busy, too.

In fact, when I searched through the list of tweets from this date, it's often been a day for busy-ness. I had a hard time selecting just one. But here's the winner:

Can I just say that I really miss kindergartners?

I have often thought of this particular kiddo and story over the last four years. What he said made so much sense. It explains 99% of the bad decisions I've made in my entire lifetime, and he already understood all of that by the age of five.

What I remember about the day this happened was that I was filling in for an elementary principal for an afternoon. And it was the craziest afternoon I have ever had while subbing as an administrator, including a fight between two parents after school. I think it took me a full hour after school was out to make all of the necessary phone calls and leave enough notes for the principal to decipher the next day.

All for a $5 gift card for coffee. I was so glad I set aside all of my work for the afternoon to cover for the principal. Anyway, at least I got a good story and a life lesson out of the deal.

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