01 May 2020

Sure, I'm Decent

When I started this project on January 1, I was naive enough to believe that 2020 would be a relatively normal year. Got yer leap day, Summer Olympics, and US presidential election. There's some work, some play, some celebrations.

But by March 1, it was clear that this year was not going to follow the script.

And my May 1? I have to say that 2020 is like a suspense novel that I just can't put down so I can rest. (As if anyone is sleeping well at this point.) And I am continuing to soldier on with my efforts to select a tweet from a previous year for the current date (full list for today). So let's begin our fifth month and 122nd post, shall we?

Gilda is one of my all-time favourite films. Gotta be in the Top 5, at least. It stars Rita Hayworth as the titular character...and Glenn Ford (It's his birthday, today!) as the man who hates to love her. Although the two stars made several films together (and had an on-again, off-again relationship in real life), their chemistry never burns hotter than it does here.

It is not a film noir, but has elements of one. And the dialogue crackles. Here are a few of my favourite lines:

Gilda: They said that being married to Johnny Farrell was very like driving a car with no brakes.

Johnny: Statistics show that there are more women in the world than anything else. Except insects.

Gilda: If I'd been a ranch, they'd have named me The Bar None.

Johnny: Doesn't it bother you at all that you're married?
Gilda: What I want to know is, does it bother you?

Gilda: I always say there's something about Latin men. For one thing, they can dance. For another thing - what's your telephone? number?

It's sexy, even by 1946 standards, without being raunchy. Hayworth is smokin' hot in it. I've long said that if reincarnation is real, then I want to come back as Rita Hayworth. I was on a flight a few years ago and a pilot who was deadheading on it stopped to tell me that my hair looked like Rita Hayworth's. I think that is as close as I am ever going to get. But a girl can dream, can't she?

If you haven't seen this film, seek it out on your favourite streaming platform. You like to watch, don't you? :)

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