24 April 2020

You Snooze, You Lose

I used to take walks in the morning before work. The route around the lake is about 1.5 miles, which at my pace takes 30 minutes. I liked the peacefulness of the early morning walks. It was also nice to do something for myself before launching into the work day.

But this time of year, as the sun peeks above the horizon earlier and earlier, also gives the bonus of some amazing sunrises. I am quite fond of sunsets, mind you, but sunrises are a different kind of special. Maybe because so few people are up at that hour to enjoy them. They demand attention by appointment.


Since the shutdown, I've taken to walking different places at different times. When I need a Zoom break, I'll walk a few blocks in my neighbourhood or down to the post office. Sometimes I wait until the end of the day to wander through downtown and window gaze. But I will have to make a point to go in the early morning again to catch the colours and reflections and a bit of peace before the day launches. I don't know about you these days, but I could certainly do with a bit more of that.

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