21 April 2020


When I worked for the state, I telecommuted one or two days a week. It was a lovely way to break up the week and I got pretty good at arranging my time. I always had a list going of things I wanted to work on during work from home (WFH) days—projects that I could do sustained thinking with, because I knew there would be no phones ringing or other interruptions. And, it was easy enough to block out email, as needed. These were golden days.


There is no telecommuting in a school district. At least until now. I know that my more extroverted friends are struggling with being home all the time. I know that we miss some of our colleagues and students and routines. But the current shutdown has been really good for me. It's true, I have never previously had a WFH that lasted more than a day or two. I wasn't sure what it would be like full time. And it's true...it's impossible to keep a completely clear separation between work life and home life when your "office" is 20 paces from your bed. I admit that I've folded a load of laundry and cooked meals while watching online presentations, which is something I never do when I watch webinars at work. I haven't set my alarm clock in more than a month. And there are more days when I haven't worn a bra than when I have. However, the work is getting done. I do miss a few people and some of the conveniences of being in the office, but for the most part, I'd be happy to be stuck at home another six weeks.

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