14 April 2020

The Future Is Calling

I got my first cell phone in 1996, a couple of months after I moved to Washington. I had ended up getting a job about an hour from where I was living and the combination of the commute and being new to the entire area seemed like a good reason to test the waters.


This tweet would have marked the last time I didn't have a smart'ish phone. As I recall, this phone has been my very favourite out of all the ones I've had. I miss it, actually.

I have, since this tweet, learned to text message. (Full list of tweets from this date here.) Like Twitter, texting took me awhile to figure out a purpose for. I know that sounds odd in 2020 when we are so dependent on text messages for all sorts of reasons. But at the time, it didn't feel natural. 

I have to assume that if I'm still around in another 25 years that technology will have evolved even further. These days, I worry more about data privacy and surveillance than convenience or simple connection. There are times, recently, when I am a bit wistful for that 2008 phone and its lack of features. I suspect I will feel even more nostalgic for it in the coming weeks.

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