28 April 2020

Socializing Distantly

A few days ago, I posted about about our local Arts Walk. It takes place on a Friday night and all day Saturday the last week in April and first week in October. This tweet (full list from today's date) references one of these events:


And while I'm still sad about not getting to display my work at Arts Walk this year, this tweet is also a reminder of something very good. This was the evening I reconnected with a former co-worker...and we've been friends ever since. In the Before, we'd meet for brunch a couple of times a month and it was good to have someone to share things with. He is the most "me" like person I've ever met. We're lifelong (for the most part) singletons...in our 50s...very independent...and tend to approach problems and issues similarly. It's fun to visit with him. In the Now, we've been getting together every weekend to take long walks and chat. We are the only people we see in person (apart from the occasional errand) and that connection feels really important. The very first week of the lockdown, we finished our walk and he asked, "Do you think we should risk a hug?" I thought it was okay...so we did...and he immediately exclaimed "Suicide pact!" So, yes, he's got a great sense of humor, too. Nothing romantic to report. It really is just walks and coffee and brunch. But it's lots of fun and I am grateful for every moment of it. And to think it all started with this tweet.

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