16 April 2020

Red in Tooth and Claw

It's one of those days where there's a dearth of interesting (or even semi-interesting) tweets from this date (full list here). So this one will have to suffice:


My friend has chickens. Her husband calls them his ladies. And they are much more like pets than anything. They come and knock at the door for treats and run after him to get into the coop each night. But yesterday, a bald eagle was hungry and nearly made off with one of their little flock. The ladies were quite traumatized, as you can imagine.

Not so different than the hawk who used to dive onto my patio to grab a little sparrow or finch now and then. It always made me feel terrible...like I had set the bait on purpose. Tennyson may have noted long ago that Nature is red in tooth and claw, but that doesn't make it any easier to see it in action. I've been squeamish about this since going to see Bambi when I was a small child.

However, I am glad to see the birds return at this time of year. I haven't stopped using a bird feeder or making sure the bird bath is full of fresh water. I might not be able to keep away the hawks, but I can do things to keep life moving forward.

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