02 April 2020

Memory Lane

The building I work in is next door to an elementary school. One of the playgrounds is right next to my window. I love seeing and hearing the kids out there playing every day. Rain, snow, or shine, there is always something happening.

Some activities I see engender a sense of nostalgia
Oh, how I loved it in elementary PE when we got to play with the parachute. The colours and the rush of air...getting to do something that was not just different from other sessions, but something that you'd never get to do at home or while over at a friend's house. And, it didn't really matter if you were "good" at it, like when people picked teams for kickball or something. If there was a parachute class at a local gym, I would totally sign up for that now.

I will miss seeing this activity this spring. School isn't canceled for the year here just yet. I think chances are very slim that we will see students again this year, which makes playing with a parachute just a memory for me again.

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