29 April 2020

Magnificent Obsession

Not a lot to share from today's date (full list of tweets). Maybe it's quarantine malaise or just the time of year. In previous years, this was always a low point because it's such a long stretch between spring break (first week of April) and Memorial Day. The days are longer and weather is more promising. There is a longer list of things I'd rather be doing outside the (home) office than inside of it.

And yet...here we are.


I've written plenty about Hemo in this space before. I may have stopped teaching, but I have not stopped loving it and what it represents. This would have been about the time of year that I would have shown it in my classes. I suspect that many teachers are grieving for all the things they won't get to share with students this year while they are instead forced to share this experience of a pandemic.

Hang in there.

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