06 April 2020

It's the Water

The original brewery that pumped out this stuff is now closed (the beer is now made in Wisconsin), but its location, as well as the waterfall depicted in the logo, are about a half mile from where I work. There's a shady little half-mile trail to enjoy in the summer...salmon spawning to watch in the fall...and right now, all the spring rain and snow melt are creating a deafening roar. A friend and I stopped to watch and listen on Sunday while on a long walk.


There are a few Artesian wells still left in action around town. There is one downtown with freeflowing water where people come to fill all sorts of containers. One of the restaurants downtown still uses the well at its site. And a couple of years ago, a new craft brewery started making beer from its well and even named itself after the original listing: Well 80.

I won't claim that the water from these wells is better than public water or has more health benefits. But I can tell you that there's something fun about enjoying things the way others have done for decades. Even if the water isn't special, the experience is. So, raise your glass...of water.

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