27 April 2020

It's All in the Feet

I know plenty of people who have discovered that if you give a toddler a camera that you end up with a lot of pictures of butts. Those are at eye level, after all. And once you remember that different view of the world, other things start to make more sense.


Shoes are very important to primary age students. I can't tell you the number of times I've gone to help with kindergarten lunch or a first grade class and kids look at my feet before they look at my face. And because this is often the sequence of things, you immediately see on their young faces that they have formed an opinion of you that may not be favourable. There's disappointment when they see boring footwear. (I suspect that fun socks would also be acceptable...but I don't wear them.)

I remember one of my education professors telling a story from when she had been a kindergarten teacher. She said she'd come to class one day and a student had noticed that she'd gotten her hair cut and looked different. She asked the kid, "How did you know it was still me?" He said, "Your shoes. They're the same boring brown ones." Shoes are as good as a name tag...at least when you're five. As we grow older, and more importantly, taller, our perspectives and what we notice and value change.

Since the lockdown, I've bought two new pairs of shoes (one is shown below). I have nowhere to wear them yet. But I will. There will be more kindergartners and I will do my best to make them all smile and know that I cared enough to bring my best feet for them to admire.

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