25 April 2020

Into the Breach

I don't know where this was, exactly.


Nine years ago, I hadn't moved down to the capital city. So, I suspect I was either hanging out in the mint green kitchen that was always filled with light or napping with a pile of cats on my red velvet sofa. It might have meant I was reading a really good book or watching a favourite movie for the umpteenth time. Maybe I went to the local brewery for a late lunch of a salmon sandwich and the Bock beer they only made in the spring (it was always their best offering). I suppose I could have gone to the nursery and wandered through the warm greenhouses or by the pools of koi. It's possible I spent time with a friend, just catching up. All of these are good candidates. Many of them are the things I would identify now as options, but I have updated the list over the years, too. Now, with the pandemic, I'm still figuring out what my new Saturday routine and happy spots are. But today, I am grateful for time in the sun, morning coffee and breakfast tacos, and a clean kitchen.

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