15 April 2020

Insert Godzilla Noise Here

This year, there is no more state testing. I have to add the word "more" in there because we did quite a bit already. Not all of it is federally required, but there is usually some sort of window open and population of students that we're working with.

But this spring? My life will not look like this:


This tweet was from the very first year in my current job, and also the first year of Smarter Balanced testing. It was a big transition for everyone and I was swamped with new learning at all hours. It did get better, of course. And by now, things tend to run fairly smoothly. We'll see how we do next year after a two-year gap.

I suppose that there are some who are happy to see that state testing is set aside for the year. I am not one of those. I am not one who thinks the tests are good or bad, but I do think their results get abused. It's interesting to me how much of our system depends on these scores for various things, and their absence is starting to be noted as we make plans for the coming year.

Some people are worried about having students complete our district benchmarks at home. What if parents/siblings/Google helps kids? What if they don't try? What if the data aren't valid? Sure. All those things can and will happen. But school will be out for a long time, I think...and we are going to have to find ways to get over our trust issues. We can't learn about this if we don't try. I also think that this may well be the push we need to think about developing and using truly engaging and authentic assessments...something that should have happened long ago. If we provide students with work worth doing and that aligns with what they and we value, then that would be the best possible outcome.

But for now, Godzilla is slumbering and I will have to await his return. 

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