19 April 2020

Happily Ever After


When I wrote this tweet 12 years ago (full list from this date here), I was at a critical transition point in my career and life. And while I didn't figure out the answer to those questions until a few months later, they are questions that return every once in awhile. The responses are always temporary because life is ever-changing, but it is nice to feel like I have it figured out at times.

The pandemic is creating a whole new game, however. Right here and now, I'm keeping the homefront going and I'm doing as much regular work as I can. I say "regular" because I would normally be knee-deep in state testing at this point. Instead, my attention has shifted into some other areas where we need support.

But I am also thinking about the future while the ground is shifting. Here and now, I need to focus on surviving. There is also opportunity for more, and I am starting to have more conversations about that. I like thinking about what's possible...maybe not right now...but in the After. 

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