17 April 2020

Future Work

I used to work in a cube farm. I'm not quite sure why it's called that. Oh, I understand the basic reference. I've lived it. But the term is a little bit like "children's museum," which implies that I should be able to see dioramas of children...rather than a museum designed for children. A cube farm does not produce cubes for sale, either.

But, I digress.

So, I was working in this cube farm. I did my best to make my space as comfortable as possible. I brought in a comfy chair and my favourite desk lamp. And lots of little knickknacks. There was a little window on one side with a view into the next cube, and I was able to put a little curtain across so I didn't have to look at the person in that one. But there are more senses than just vision. In the cube farm, you can't block out the smells and noises. You hear every single conversation, every phone ring, and every bit of music that isn't run through headphones. This can be amusing at times.


Now, I have a corner office with two windows that open to the outside and a door that closes. It is heavenly.

I do wonder what will happen with all of the open offices and cube farms in a post-COVID world. I can't imagine that as things start to restart, even in limited ways, that these open plans will be welcome. People might be six feet apart, but I can imagine that every cough and sneeze will be received far differently. Will employers be willing to risk lawsuits if workers become ill in these environments? Will workers be willing to sacrifice themselves for the company's bottom line? No doubt, some will...and many will have no choice. But I suspect we will see a transition in work environments. I don't think anyone will be sad to see the cube farms fade away.

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