30 April 2020

Easier Said Than Done


I don't know what I asked or heard 11 years ago. I suspect it had something to do with an upcoming decision that I would have to make about the job I'd started the previous August. If you remember 2008 - 2009, there was a recession. I could tell that funding for my brand new shiny job was going to go away. I had some options within the agency I could take, but I also knew that my experience there over the previous nine months hadn't been a bed of roses. Maybe I wanted to look for a job in a school again. Or maybe something else.

I'm listening a lot this spring, too. I am not looking for a job or a major change, mind you. I think that what's happening out in the great wide world is enough to prompt reflection and a reminder that opportunity is always out there. I do have a dream deferred with my Data Lab idea...but I am still pondering how to breathe life into this, but in a different way. I think that if I just hold on for a year, there will be a lot of opportunities. I think the unfortunate economic consequences of the current pandemic will mean that there is a space for me down the road. I just need to be quiet and still and make an effort to listen closely.

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