26 April 2020

Death, Taxes, and Weeds


On one hand, I like to think of weeds as flowers that no one has learned to love yet...and, on the other, they are very hard to love. Their relentless invasion in my flower beds and now, in my garden, is a most unwelcome intrusion. I spent at least 90 minutes yesterday just tending to the raised garden beds in my back yard, as I intend to plant herbs and veggies this week...and there's plenty more in the front where the poppies and lavender are trying to pretty up the place.

In 2008, when I posted this tweet (full list from today's date here), I had more things I would rather have done with my time than pull weeds. This year, in the middle of the pandemic, there is something therapeutic about being in one's own space and tidying up. I am running out of deep cleaning chores for the inside of the house. I've reorganized the kitchen, pantry, and Costco cabinets. I've been through the closet and dresser. I've scrubbed the grout in the bathroom. (Yes, really.) Now that the days are growing longer and temps are warming up, it's time to plant myself, no pun intended, by different areas in the yard and see what I can do to tidy up a little more than usual. What are you taking on this spring to give yourself a break from all the screen time and clear out the brain fog?

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