13 April 2020

Cookies? Whoopie!


I think cookies may well be my favourite treat. Cake is a close second and may occasionally hold the number one spot. I have never been a big fan of pies, cobblers, and their ilk.

The best time to make cookies is in the evening. There's something that makes them a little more fun when it's dark outside and something magical is happening in the oven. A warm cookie before bed makes for a sweet transition to dreamland.

It's a challenge to find some staples these days. I had to make three grocery shopping attempts just to find a bag of flour. I'm fortunate to have a co-worker who has lots of hens and I can pick up a dozen eggs nearly any day. Sugar and butter are also commodities in limited supply. But last week, I just needed the comfort of a cookie and "spent" some of these precious resources to get my fix.

Need to try something new? Here are a couple of recommendations. I love the peanut butter cookie recipe from the Magnolia Bakery, although instead of peanut butter chips, I throw in a mix of mini chocolate chips and mini peanut butter cups. Sometimes, I like to make a batch of sugar cookies to stash in the freezer. Bakerella may be famous for her cake pops, but I adore these soft sugar cookies. This is the recipe I made on Friday (and then shared with friends in Easter baskets I left on their doorsteps). And finally, one of the new recipes in my rotation is this one for salty sweet butter pecan cookies.

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