01 April 2020

April. Come She Will.

My project this year, although 2020 already feels like it's been several years long, was to get back into blogging by selecting a tweet each day that I'd posted in a previous year to showcase this year. That way, I'd have a constant supply of prompts and a regular reminder to get back in the habit of writing. The On This Day bot sends me a link each day that shows me all of the tweets from today's date in previous years. Here is April 1.

So far, I've made it. I have a post for each day...and only had to cheat once. I was so exhausted from a work day that I completely forgot about posting, so I did so the next morning and made the date of the post the previous day. Sometimes, I am really having to stretch to find anything to post and other days there are too many tweets to choose from. Such is the ebb and flow of life, I suppose. Not every day can be exciting (even across the years) and not every piece of excitement ends up on a Twitter timeline. But at this odd point in our history when self-isolation is a way of life, I am so very grateful for the online relationships that I've built over the years. And while some people have come and go on my timeline, there is still joy in all of the long-term connections that have been built. We're still here.

Easter may still be a few days away, but there's no reason why we can have a treat tonight.


A simple concoction of coconut, almond extract, and egg white...dipped in chocolate and sliced almonds and topped with chocolate eggs. Something that will definitely help you #FattenTheCurve.

April will not be an easy month, if things play out the way they are shaping up to be. But I am trying to look forward to long sunny days, flowers and the scent of freshly mowed grass, and whatever comes next. Join me there, won't you?

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