09 April 2020

After Trash Day

I've been at home nearly a month now. In that period, time has become somewhat irrelevant. I haven't set my alarm to get up for work. I'm grateful that my past self set a weekly reminder about whether it's Trash Day or Recycling Day, because damned if I know that it's about to be Wednesday again. I did pay my bills on the first of the month...so I'm good there for awhile. Unless it's about to be the beginning of the month again. Is it? Who knows?


Today's tweet (full list from this date here) was likely written when time was dragging. I admit that I've had several moments like that recently, too. It's not so much the time during the day...work and chores seem to pass by quickly enough. But it's the fact that each day is spent at home in pretty much the same way that makes the overall gestalt feel Groundhog Day'ish, as if we're never really able to make much progress.

I guess this means tomorrow is Friday. Not sure how I'll know if I don't look at a calendar. Guess I need to find to find out.

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