26 March 2020

Washing the Greys Away

This is best I can do for a tweet from today's date:

I am almost 10 years older now. I can tell you that that one grey hair in my eyebrow has several friends now. I jokingly refer to them by the name of one of my co-workers, as they multiplied after he was hired. But at the time the first few started appearing, I hadn't realized they were a sign of more than just age. The fact that they all showed in one brow was a sign of thyroid issues. I've addressed those, but the hairs remain. Fortunately, I know a talented esthetician who shapes and dyes them for me so everything matches and blends together.

I started going grey, in terms of the hair on my head, when I was 20. This was more a function of being autoimmune (I have RA) than stress. It was many more years before I felt the urge to dye my hair. Most recently, I've been going a bit more red (see image at right for my current choice). Red has always suited me, but this particular shade is a bit bolder, and I often get compliments from both people I know, as well as strangers, on it. At Thanksgiving, I woman I'd never met came up and hugged me because she felt like red heads had to stick together.

Someday, I won't colour it anymore. I'm not sure when that will be. I just know that I'm not ready to be grey yet. I'm sure it will be another transition...and a relief to not have so much upkeep and maintenance. Right now, though, it feels like my secret power can be applied and refreshed for a few dollars a month. It takes away the grey in more ways than one.

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