19 March 2020

Two Funnies for the Price of One Blog Post

I had a hard time deciding which tweet to share today (full list here), so I picked two. Both made me laugh.

The first one is from a restaurant where I was engaging in my favourite hobby: Eavesdropping. I was fortunate enough to have the kitchen table—a tiny booth across from the kitchen where you can drink and dine and watch (and hear) all of the action. Two people were prepping dinners when I overheard their conversation.


I have to say that I hadn't ever looked that way at that sort of advice...but I have from that point forward. What if what makes someone happy isn't healthy?

Speaking of, here is selection #2:


I have to admit that the handbasket is a much more appealing option. I'd be happy to hop in that one any time.

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