29 March 2020

Then, Now, Next

My Sunday wasn't bad. I made the drive up to my work place at 6:30 in the morning so I could swap out a few things. After telecommuting for nearly two weeks, I needed a few supplies and also wanted to drop some things off. The office is closed for another week (at least) and I know we have a "stay at home" order from the governor. But an hour when I was the only one in the entire building was just as good as isolating at home. I then picked up my grocery order. And then I met a friend for a walk. We distanced as much as we could...but we each live alone and after a week by ourselves, it was nice to connect and chat and decompress.

It was nice, but it was so very different from this date last year. On this date (full list of tweets) it was the day before Spring Break. It had been an exhausting month...again, for different reasons from this one. I decided to start the break a little early by taking the Friday off. I remember that it was a beautiful day. The sun was out and the temperature was comfortable. I spent the morning at home, and then walked to our little town's downtown area.


In the fall, this region has a studio tour called ARTrails. It's always a lot of fun and over the years, I have picked up a lot of great pieces. Last year on this date, they brought all of the artists together for a show. This was great for them, as during the studio tour, none of the artists get to see each other's work. I find a lot of personal inspiration in seeing the creative efforts of others, even the art I don't like. It's a big deal to believe in yourself enough to put your visuals and creative communications out into the world. I have such respect and admiration of them all.

And then I went to lunch and a movie. There is only one theatre in town and it's part of a hotel and bar. They show second run films. You can sit on sold sofas and order a burger and beverage and chill out. It's a fabulous way to spend some time. And while I wasn't super-impressed with the film I saw that day, I enjoyed having the theatre to myself...and a cold beer with my lunch.

The Olympic Club Theatre

I keep reminding myself that these good times will come again. They will look different, I know. We are learning to see the world and ourselves in new ways. The old normal will seem so distant and quaint through our new lenses. I am very curious about what is next.

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