11 March 2020

The Girls

In my quest to post every day this year using a tweet from a previous year on this date (full list), I don't think I've talked about The Girls. No, not the ones in my bra. These SFW versions:


These are my girls. The tabby is Lucy Sparkles. She's four years old and is quite the bundle of joy. She is friendly and fearless...loves to snuggle under a blanket and tear up paper grocery bags. The grey tuxedo cat is Audrey P. She is more reserved, but fiercely devoted...and 8 years old, still wants to use my fingers as a binky while she drifts off to sleep.

Both cats are from a local rescue organization. I got Audrey as a kitten...Lucy was about 6 months old (already pregnant and abandoned). They are named after classic movie actresses: Audrey for her Hepburn-like white gloves, and Lucy for Lucille Ball for being so full of life and making me laugh. Audrey is not quite as elegant as her name, which is why I call her Audrey P. The "p" is for "punk."

The girls are my rocks. They give me a reason to get up in the morning, a place to relieve my stress, and a million reasons to smile. I hope that you have friends like them, too.

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