04 March 2020

Return of the Jazz Age

In my quest to post each day using a tweet from the calendar date in a previous year, I have already mentioned my passion for the movies, especially classic film. And a year ago, I watched King of Jazz (1930) for the first time.

What an amazing, trippy film. It's a series of short musical vignettes—something not unusual for a film from that time, when both sound and two-strip Technicolor were new additions. An anthology of scenes, as opposed to a fully fledged story line, was a great way to show off all of the potential of this new'ish art form.

This film has it all. A giant piano (pictured above), a man playing a tire pump, acrobats, and jazz babies stomping their way through New York.

It is an absolute delight and well worth seeking out. There are plenty of clips on YouTube or you can splurge and order the Criterion version.

As we inch toward the weekend, give yourself a treat and take a closer look at this tribute to the Jazz Age.

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