20 March 2020

No Pants, No Problem

When I started my most recent job, I was asked to get an administrator credential, which I agreed to do...and then did. To be sure, I have never wanted to be a principal. But I am called in occasionally to pinch hit. And the tweet from this date is one from a time when I was doing just that:


It's very hard to be five. If you've forgotten how hard it is, consider yourself very fortunate.

Now, imagine that you're five years old, your pants are too big...and it's recess. You want to run around and play, but your pants keep falling down. This is a very serious problem. And the way you solve it when you're five is you just to take your pants off so you can keep playing with your friend.

Makes perfect sense, right?

Except some pesky adults don't quite see it that way. So, this little dude was issued a discipline referral and as principal du jour, I got to talk to him. I asked him to explain what happened on the playground, which he did. I asked him, "Do you know why we need to wear pants on the playground?" He had a very quizzical look on his face. He shook his head at me. "No," he said seriously.

I could hardly keep a straight face after that.

So, we determined that he didn't have another pair of pants at home, but he did have a belt and would try to remember to use it the next day.

And then I got to call his mom and tell her all about this conversation.

I love these little slices of life that happen when I am in buildings. They are unique and irreplaceable.

But I still don't want to be a principal.

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