02 March 2020

My Peeps

As I mentioned in a previous post, I don't enjoy travel and avoid it whenever possible. However, I do end up taking at least one flight each year...and I can always recognize the gate that leads back to Seattle:


As a statement of fact, I personally possess none of those items. The closest I can claim is single-pierced ears and a fleece coat. I love that people are who they are in this part of the world. The pressure to conform to a particular look is ignored. I know female school administrators with half-sleeves and a large amount of ink across their backs. I know male teachers with visible piercings in multiple places. And I know several other people who flaunt gender norms and expectations and no one questions their professionalism. I won't claim it's Utopia here. It's not. It's just we choose to get fussy about things other than appearances. For that reason, I feel like I fit right in.

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