25 March 2020

Little Things Mean a Lot

Before I moved a couple of years ago, I rented a house from a lawyer who owned and lived in the house next door. She ended up starting her own practice, after many years of working for others. She was even able to pull a paralegal up and out with her. The landlady had both inherited money and made a good salary. She was very smart, and yet she had a husband who was a mess. He was quite content to live off of her money. I'm sure he must have had some charms, but from where I sat, I didn't see that he had much to offer her in terms of supporting her as a person or the goals she had in mind.

One day, she stopped by to collect the rent check and wanted to ask a question. She said that she didn't know very many women, like us, who had professional careers. She told me that she was struggling to find balance in her life...and that she thought I had it all together. How did I manage it all?

I assured her that I don't have my act together more than anyone else—I'm making it up as I go along, too. I said that when I start to feel overwhelmed, my favourite thing to do is this:


It's nothing big. It's just a moment. But to go sit at a counter and be anonymous...where no one expects anything from her other than she pay the check and tip well...brings it all back to center. I told her that she didn't have to do this exact thing, but she needed to identify the small thing that would help her the same way. She seemed to like this.

Right now, I could use that little thing. It would be reassuring in these times where it feels like nearly everything is outside my control. Instead, I will put on coffee to brew and refill my cup and maybe even my sense of self.

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