01 March 2020

It's That Time Again

Today, we have a three-peat of ideas from tweets on this date from previous years:




Not much more to add. It's March 1 again, so I know there will be a shadow on things. To be sure, the feelings are not as raw now as they were the first several years.

One thing that interests me about this series of tweets is the number at the end of the URL. In 2009, there were just over a billion tweets that had been generated (10 digits). Ten years later, it took 19 digits to identify a tweet (I believe this is a quintillion). My current tweet number stands at 22,644, so I have only had a miniscule part of generating all of those.

I will raise my glass tonight to my adad, and all others that have been lost along the journey in my lifetime. We will not forget them.

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