16 March 2020

Invisible, Not Invincible


These are odd times, to be sure. On one hand, I can see in the news and on Twitter that there is a terrible contagion spreading around the world. I can see that whole countries are closed. I can see that there is suffering and death.

But here...

Life is mostly normal. Sure, schools are closed, along with many businesses, but my work place is not. I don't mind going in—I have plenty of space and an office door that closes. I do mind that our building is not closed to the public and all day yesterday we had a steady stream of parents who wanted to pick up or drop off paperwork from the desk outside my office. I don't mind helping as we figure out efforts to provide access to food for our kids who need the most and shaping the messaging that will go out to families about different updates. I do mind that a meeting for 34 administrators was held in a room that could not accommodate physical distancing.

I am not better than or more important than any other person. But I am also no more expendable. I can see that we have a very small window of opportunity to take some drastic measures in order to help our healthcare system have a chance against all of this. I don't know why others think that it's just business as usual. And it's giving me heartburn all over again (full list of today's tweets here).

Stay safe. Stay home, my friends.

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