23 March 2020

Hello, Newman...er, Monday


While I am not quite at the level of the comic character, Garfield, in my low opinion of Mondays, I have to admit that some are more challenging than others. Maybe it's just when Mondays fall on March 23 (full list of tweets from this date here)?

Today wasn't too terrible...even for the start of the workweek. But I admit that I am not as productive as usual right now. My head is full of too many "What ifs..." and even more "Why aren't we's..."

This evening, the governor issued a 2-week stay-at-home order...and I feel very relieved about that. I know it is not enough to stop the spread of the virus worldwide, but it will help so many people that I know and love. It's a start. And if others follow similarly, maybe it will make the larger impact we need.

I will sometimes start my musings with "If someone died and made me Queen..." I think my biggest wish tonight in my imaginary kingdom is simply that work stops for two weeks. For two weeks, I think we should allow families everywhere to just focus on what they need to be safe and healthy. After that, we can start getting back to business. For now, I wish we could just take the time to mentally adjust to this whole new situation. Reading, writing, and arithmetic will still be there in 14 days. Maybe that will be a Monday that won't suck.

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