30 March 2020

Faking It Isn't Making It

We are all navigating this global twist of Fate the best that we can. I hope that wherever you are, you are letting yourself feel moments of strength...and letting yourself fall apart. I hope you're giving yourself grace when you just need to stare out the window for half an hour, as well as a pat on the back when you accomplish something (even if it's just brushing your teeth).


This tweet might be from four years ago (full list of tweets from this date here), but it would have suited me to a T today. I went through the motions related to work. I attended meetings online. I organized my calendar for the week. I handled some administrivia, returned phone calls, and tracked some email tasks. I might have solved a problem here or there. But I have to admit that my heart wasn't really in it. I am struggling with all the busy work we are all creating for ourselves. I don't understand why we're so hopelessly committed to making things work like normal when things just aren't normal. So, I will keep plugging along and hope that I can fake it until I make it back to full-strength motivation.

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