27 March 2020

Episodes of Comfort

Last year, around this time, I discovered the most delightful series: Corner Gas. Not the animated version that's around now...but the original series that started up in 2004.

Last year, it was included with Amazon Prime and was free (and without ads!). I spent most of my Spring Break holiday watching it...and laughing my ass off. I even got a few co-workers hooked. And after it left Prime, I ended buying the first season, although I suspect I will end up getting all of them over time. The episodes are all so familiar and comforting at this point that they are one of my favourite things to have on when I drift off to sleep.

I've seen the movie and the animated series, too. I like them all, but recommend starting at the very beginning. I tell people to try one episode. If you like it, you'll like the whole thing. The characters are who they are from the very beginning and the structure of the writing and episodes remains the same across the years. This is not to say that it's dull. I find it to be very smart. But I know that people have different tastes when it comes to comedy. So, try one and see for yourself. And couldn't we all use a reason to smile these days?


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