24 March 2020

Aesthetically Pleasing

Don Norman has stated that Pleasant things work better. And while he was referring to objects, I believe that this philosophy could be applied to other relationships as well. But I will use today's tweet from this date to reflect on physical stuff.

I don't wear these glasses very often—I only need them when my contacts are out—but they are gorgeous. I found them on Etsy as NOS (New Old Stock). This means that since they were first manufactured in the 1950s, they were never used until I had lenses added six years ago. I love having a bit of the past and being able to appreciate it now.

In the back of that photo are a few other of my favourite things...from the miniature chair and ottoman, to a desk lamp with mosaic polka dot tiles, a red Swingline stapler (I was in the cube farm), gold paperclips, and my former calendar/notebook.

Over the years, my personal style has evolved. In my 20s, when I first had money to spend, I was far more focused on acquiring stuff then thinking about what sort of stuff was important. In my 30s, I started figuring out that part. And in my 40s, I let go of a lot of stuff that I had acquired over the years and made an effort to just have things in my house that have a place and purpose...and are pleasant. I am ever vigilant about keeping things pared down to just the ones that make me happiest. I am appreciating that all the more as I am limited to home over the next couple of weeks.

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