22 February 2020


I was talking with a friend yesterday about work-life balance. He said that his boss had made a remark that my friend did not appear to have that. I disagreed. But that may have something to do with my own definition of the term.

I don't have a 9 - 5 job. I don't clock in, do my time, and clock out. I don't have a job that doesn't include evening events, stuff that I need to bring home, or summer vacations. But I am okay with that because most official work days, I can step out and run a quick errand. I can take a long lunch to connect with a friend and flex my time to stay late. So, yes, there are weekends like this one where I will probably put in 10 - 12 hours of time on things for work and not use that time to rest and recharge or do whatever I might want, but I won't feel guilty later this week for taking some time out. To me, this is balance. I work when I need to work...and when I need to rest, I do that, too. If those events don't fit in a defined Monday - Friday box, so be it. I'm okay with having insomnia and working from 1 - 3 in the morning and then sleeping a bit and going to the office at 8 instead of 6.


While the tweet from this date referred to a Monday instead of a weekend, it is a good reminder that this time of year is busy with prepping for spring events. I am not working on seven different presentations this time around, but I am working on things for the college class I am teaching and a 2-hour study session for our school board for Thursday evening. I am meeting with the carpenter both days to wrap up some work on the community-based data story. I also took myself out to lunch today, am enjoying Hockey Night in Canada on the tv, and have a lovely bottle of bourbon waiting to keep me company when I wrap up a few more tasks. Balance? I gots it.

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