21 February 2020

Two Truths, No Lie

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Today we have another double feature. Two truths.

The scenario in the first tweet happened when I was a first year teacher in New Mexico. At the time, I taught 9th grade science at the largest junior high in the state. We had 1200 8th and 9th graders...and our science department of 8 people had only $1000 to spend for the entire year. I learned to scavenge early for substitutions, and this was no exception. I needed ethanol for classroom labs, but there was no money to buy the lab grade stuff. So, my principal signed a PO for the liquor store and off I went. I hid the bottle in the very back of a locked cabinet, but I always lived in fear that someone would see it and think I was drinking on the job or that it would roll out and crash on the floor. Somehow I didn't get in trouble.

The second one is something I blogged about back in 2005. And it is a story I still tell. I wonder if that student has followed the news on Ebola in the succeeding years.

While the #scienceconfessions is not particularly active, it's still around if you want to have a look.

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