09 February 2020

The Story Behind the Story


This tweet makes me smile because it reminds me of one of my favourite bits of serendipity I have experienced since moving to this part of the state. I love my new hometown and have written in a previous post about the small scenes that I adore.

But here's the whole story that goes with this tweet. I went to this place and sat at the bar. I was enjoying a very lovely beer when a man sat down next to me. The man looked like the epitome of who you would expect to see in this area: fleece-covered, big bushy beard, boots. All good. A few minutes after this man arrived, another one did and he sat on the other side of me. This man did not look like who you might expect. He was wearing a dress and carrying a matching pink purse. Also all good. We three sat there for a few minutes and then the first man looked over and made eye contact across my beer with the other man. He said, "Nice earrings!" and received a thank you in return. None of this occurred ironically or sarcastically. I don't know if these two guys knew each other or had seen one another before. But my beer tasted a lot better knowing that I was sitting in a space of inclusion and tolerance. A small beautiful moment that could not fit in a tweet.

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