12 February 2020

The Song Is You

While I suspect I will devote far more virtual ink this year to blogging about films and their impact on me as opposed to the effects of other art forms, today's tweet is brought to you from the aural realm.


I like a wide variety of music, but I have to admit that over the last few years, I found myself listening almost exclusively to the '40s Junction on Sirius XM. I have it in the car and on at work. In some ways, it feels a little incongruous to be in my newish car, with its heated seats and navigation screen, while the Andrews Sisters tear one up over the airwaves. But with all the craziness at work and in the world at large, there is something comforting in the familiar. It's nice to have Doris Day, Ella Fitzgerald, and Frank Sinatra keep me company. Fred Astaire is the perfect accompaniment to have on while typing a document. And the Mills Brothers or Ink Spots provide the best possible soundtrack for unwinding on the drive home.

My current favourite song? Stardust. I love the Harry James version, but the one by Hoagy Carmichael (who also wrote the song) is also much appreciated. Have a listen for yourself:

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