01 February 2020

The British Are Coming

About a year ago, I made a quick trip to Cranbrook, BC, and back to attend my stepfather's funeral. He was 98 years young and much loved in his community. In fact, his children made sure the services were as quickly planned as possible because they knew the longer they waited...the more people would arrange to attend...and there would not be a venue large enough in town to have it. As it was, several hundred people showed up. It was an incredible experience, not the least of which was spending time with my Canadian family.


We did empty quite a few bottles, including the two I'd brought with me to share.

And then the British contingent showed up. Even with the hasty plans, some of my stepfather's family from across the pond made the journey...and a year later, I am unsure if my liver has still recovered. But it will have to man up, because I will drinking a toast to all of them this evening.

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