19 February 2020

See Also: Generally Satisfied

Years ago, I saw an article that was reporting survey results about the sex lives of Americans. (Do I have your attention now?) I don't remember the various options on the scale that was used, but a certain percentage of people were reported as being "generally satisfied" about their love lives. A friend and I looked at this and wondered "Who the hell just wants to be generally satisfied? Was it good for you? Oh, you know, I was generally satisfied."

The phrase has stuck with me and I thought of it as the title for today's post because this was the tweet from today that called to me:


I find myself pleasantly exhausted this evening, just as I was 10 years ago on this date. I do not recall the specifics of what happened at this moment a decade ago, but tonight, I am enjoying the completion of my second college class. There are five two-hour sessions for this course (you can follow along here) and it is a delight to spend time with teachers-to-be talking about effective data use. Prepping for class is a lot of work added into my already overflowing schedule, but the students are so enthusiastic, idealistic, and energetic that it doesn't matter that we meet after I've already had a 9-hour day at the office. I smiled all the way home, generally satisfied and once more, pleasantly exhausted.

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