29 February 2020

Leaping Into Month 3

I have to admit that I was looking toward today with a mix of curiosity and relief. I have been challenging myself in 2020 to select a tweet from the current date that I wrote in a previous year and blog about it. I really wondered if I would find anything from February 29 in the list. I did start tweeting in 2008, but not until April. That just left 2012 and 2016 as potential candidates for the date. There were none for 2016, but I did have a handful in 2012 (full list here). However, all were replies, save one:


There it is, the lone Leap Day Rangertweet.

I had forgotten this story...and after I read the tweet, it took me a moment to remember the circumstances. While I don't want to share too many details from someone else's personal life, I will say that she had loved her husband and had no idea that he was moving on. When he had originally moved out, he hadn't even told her that he was leaving her. He just waited until she went to work one day, packed up everything, and took off. Her boss and I went to court when the final divorce decree was issued to support her. And then, not even a month later, she got a text message at work with his new wedding picture. The bride could have been her sister, they looked so much alike. Since that time, she has also met someone new, had the child she always dreamed of, and has moved forward in fits and starts.

As for me, I'm continuing to move forward with this project, too. I've made it through two full months and plan to keep on trucking. See you in March.

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