11 February 2020

Just a Small Town Girl

I grew up underneath the Friday Night Lights in west Texas. But I have always retained my Canadian citizenship and these days, I have returned to my roots and quite enjoy watching ice hockey. It's fast, and yes, aggressive, but is also a lot of fun to watch. I like that the venues are relatively small and that a lot of small cities (e.g., Edmonton, Winnepeg) still have their own NHL team. There's a certain intimacy, even amongst all the mayhem. Football feels too problematic and overgrown. Hockey is a better fit for a small town girl.

From today's list of tweets, I have picked two. (A first for this project!) The first is simply a reminder about the joy of watching hockey during the winter Olympics. I am already looking forwards to seeing them again in a couple of years.


But the second tweet, also from two years ago, features a connection to one of my favourite data guys on Twitter: Micah Blake McCurdy. He does dataviz for ice hockey. He is also hilarious. I have to admit that I do not understand all of the statistics he shares and how he does what he does, but I try to follow along just the same. His passion and enthusiasm for both hockey and data make me want to emulate that in my own work, albeit in a different direction.

Who is your inspiration these days?

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