13 February 2020

It's 100 Day Somewhere

If you have not recently been around a kindergarten classroom, you may not know (or have forgotten) that the 100th day of school is cause for celebration. Counting to 100 is an important skill students learn during their first year and being 100 days smarter is a big milestone.

Today's tweet from this date is timely because our kinders are celebrating today:


And yes, there will be 100 Day parties tomorrow followed by Valentine's Day the day after.

If you haven't been involved with 100 Day, then I urge you to find a way to volunteer in a local elementary school where this takes place. I always go and help with center time, when kids are busy counting, colouring, and otherwise demonstrating they can count to 100. It is a joyous time for them. As for me, it's a good reminder that we are most definitely on the downhill slide to summer break. We got this.

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