15 February 2020

Freud Would Be So Proud

I do so love a good pencil.



Specifically, I love a Blackwing pencil that has been sharpened to a long point. I have used all sorts of pencils over the years. When I was a classroom teacher, I always kept one tucked behind my ear. I have given them away to several people over the years, creating a little wave of pencil addicts. This includes the first tweet from this date that is shown above. After finding another pencil nerd, I not only gave him a Blackwing, but at the next meeting he brought his favourite pencil to share with me. In terms of the second tweet, all I can say is that I am still a paper and pencil planner. Even this week, I had some scratch paper for capturing all the ideas from a brain dump about getting ready for an upcoming school board meeting. Some people are "oral processors," but I just need a quiet space and a place to write down and look at mine.

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