18 February 2020

Don't Drink and Data


I have often used this tweet in presentations, including last week when I taught my first-ever college class. It always gets a chuckle, and it is useful for starting a conversation about data-driven vs. data-informed. I am a proponent of the latter. Data are useful for shining a light in dark corners, for supporting or persuading (for better or worse), but letting them "drive" puts them as the arbiters of decisions...and I can't accept that. I know that many would point out the automated, invisible, data-driven decisions made on my behalf (and for my convenience) on an ongoing basis. It is true that I am not immune. But in education, where we are supporting the very best development we can of the next generation, the human element—in all of its glorious imperfection—is a welcome companion as we make choices.

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