16 February 2020


Today is one of those days where there's nothing super-special on the list of tweets from this date. But I picked this one just because it's a reminder that as much as I detest diplomacy, I have to admit that my years working for the state education agency helped hone that skill to a sharp point.


Is it a function of adulthood? One of leadership? Or just something we start in Kindergarten in terms of what it means to get along with others?

I have to admit that as I get older, I am getting a lot more clarity on which hills I am willing to die on and what (and who) are not worth fighting for. Diplomacy is still a tool that gets regular use by me, but I also feel like my current job has developed an even broader range of skills toward getting goals accomplished. Will be interesting to see what I add to the toolbelt in my 50s.

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