23 February 2020

All Together Now

A few years ago, I started using a bullet journal (bujo). My notebook of choice is a medium (A5) Leuchttrum 1917 with dotted pages.


I could fill several posts with how I organize and use my notebook. I suspect, however, that figuring out a system is very individualistic. I have found the right combination of strategies that work for me but don't expect them to work for everyone. I picked today's tweet from this date as a start for this conversation and we can find other stops during the year for additions.

I use colour coding throughout. My appointments and meetings fall into one of seven categories and are marked in the corresponding colours on my calendar. Any pages that relate to those events are marked in that same colour in a designated spot on the edge of the paper. This helps me get an idea about how my time is used. A notebook lasts me about six months.

Here is what the setup for a week looked like in January. I went with an Art Deco theme for the month to welcome in the 20s.

I have five large boxes (four pictured) in the middle with dots representing a timeline for the day. As I go, I write in what I was doing and circle the dot with the colour of activity that corresponds. The page in the middle is only a half-sheet wide. On the back is the spread for Friday and two half-sized versions for the weekend. I have four areas (you can see two with the black bars) where I track tasks, reminders for the week ahead, a quote to ponder, and a space for notes. On the right hand side, where there is the gold rectangle, I put all the appointments for the week.

I went with a very different set-up for this month. But that is one of the things I like about using a bujo. I am not locked into one particular calendar or style. I have the space to do whatever I want.

I keep the finished ones on my desk at work. They serve as a good reference for me. I am often going back to an old book to see notes from a meeting or information on how I built a particular chart in Excel. The notebooks are in all sorts of colours and I like the little rainbow in my desk.

I am often asked by others about my journals, from how I set them up to managing them to other ideas. Some people, like me, are anxious about getting started. It feels a bit threatening to have a few hundred blank pages staring back at you. But, you just have to jump in and try things. You can figure out what works as you go. No harm done.

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